February 9, 2018

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the RIVER / the FREEWAY: A Native Poetry Mixtape

April 12, 2018


Hello! My name is Jake Skeets, editor for Cloudthroat. In honor of National Poetry Month, I put together a mixtape of poems by Native, First Nations, and Indigenous poets titled "the RIVER / the FREEWAY." These poems are in no particular order. These poems do come together at a time when Native poetry begins to river through the freeways of mainstream consumption and as Native, First Nations, and Indigenous poets begin to complicate those streams and traffics that go along with it. These poems represent so many of my obsessions over the years and I'm glad to share them with you. Don't just stop with these poems, venture out into the streams and traffics and read more. There's a lot of us. 


I hope you enjoy these poems as much as I have. 


- Jake




the RIVER / the FREEWAY:


from "Dissolve" by Sherwin Bitsui


Split Bone by dg okpik


from "Junk" by Tommy Pico


Carrying our Words by Ofelia Zepeda


Nunaqtigiit(people related through common possession of territory) by Joan Kane


We, who denied the landscape
                                               and saw the light of it.

Leaning against the stone wall ragged
I began to accept my past and, as I accepted it,

I felt, and I didn’t understand:
                                               I am bound to everyone.


-from "Nunaqtigiit(people related through common possession of territory" by Joan Kane


The Exile by Michael Wasson



Ohia (to long for) by Kathleen McLeod



Catching Copper by Natalie Diaz



Everyone is Lonely by Billy-Ray Belourt



Shímásáni Clara by Boderra Joe



As a bonus, I want to include two essays. I know they are not technically "poetry" but these essays are amazing to read and flow like poetry. 



Why I’m Withdrawing From My Lambda Literary Award Nomination by Joshua Whitehead



THE RULE IS FLUX by tanner menard



White City by Elissa Washuta 









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