In expectation of you showing up

You’re water
(you’ve drowned my soul)
You’re a shroud
(you’ve covered me with the sweetness of kisses
That taste like sugar)
You’re healing
(a museum )
You’re a spark
(you’re sweat, tears)
You’re profound
(you’re the history of hours past, present, future)
Has anyone ever
told you that or
written you a
poem, a love poem
To celebrate who
You are gloriously.
You’re water

(you’re pure)
You’re a compass facing the end of the world
I know it that feeling well
(you’re found in the
glamorous wild)
You’re from the stars
(made of that matter,
ice, lungs, lukewarm
Mugs of herbal tea).
You’re gone but
Sometimes I think
You’re still here.
That if I turn my head
You’ll be in the kitchen
Preparing sardines
On toast for us
Or you’re laying on your
Half of the bed in our
Shared bedroom resting





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