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D. A. Navoti


           Words You'll Hear: Indigenous Peoples Day       

The history behind Columbus Day and     

                                  Indigenous Peoples Day 

                                                                            Indigenous Peoples’ Day: A Growing Cry Against                  Columbus

                                                                         ‘Indigenous Peoples’ Day’ Movement Continues     

                                                                                                                         to Grow



Saturday: Fried Spam with eggs, toast, OJ, and Folgers for Mom and Dad. As for me? Alvin and

the Chipmunks

From my pillows and blankets and stuffed animals nested in front of the TV, I looked Mom and

Dad over at the kitchen table, their faces masked by newspaper.

During commercial break I’d curl on Dad’s lap and ask what he was reading about as he rustled

through The Arizona Republic.

“Just bad news,” he’d say.
This is how the world is introduced to children. 


                         American Indians gather to celebrate                                                                    

                                                                              Indigenous Peoples’ Day in Salt Lake City          

                          Kentucky city to celebrate its first Indigenous Peoples' Day                         

                          Alaska celebrates first permanent Indigenous Peoples Day 
                             Berkeley celebrates 25 years of Indigenous Peoples’ Day
                                   Charlottesville to Celebrate Indigenous People's Day                                 

                                                 Portland observes Indigenous Peoples Day                                                                                         East Lansing marks Indigenous People's Day in lieu of                                                                                                       Columbus Day                                           

                                              Santa Fe celebrates Indigenous Peoples Day amid tensions                                                                 New Yorkers Call for Indigenous Peoples’ Day &                               

                                                           Removal of Columbus Statue                                       

                                         Should Detroit change Columbus Day to                                             

                                                                             Indigenous Peoples Day?
                                                             Goodbye, Columbus.                                             

                                                                   Hello, Indigenous Peoples’ Day                                         
                                                                             Indigenous Peoples' Day not recognized in                                                                                                                                         
Cincinnati again: 
                                                                                     Councilmembers, mayor called hypocrites


Piki bread is what my Hopi grandfather dipped in coffee while reading his Sunday funnies.

Assembling Piki bread is a laborious process of fining corn kernels into meal which is then mixed with ash and water. The gray, soupy batter is spread across flat stoneware heated by sweet-smelling cedar set aflame. Instantly, the batter bubbles. Fingertips peel the crisp layer off the scalding flat-stone and is rolled into a crunchy scroll.       

I haven’t had Piki bread since Grandpa was alive. That was over 25 years ago. Piki recipes are

searchable over the web now.  


                                      Indigenous Peoples Day: 4 Things to Know                                             

                                                                             5 Young Native Americans On What    

                           Indigenous Peoples Day Means To Them                                                    

                                                                             6 Conflicting Feelings I Have About                                                                                                       Indigenous Peoples’ Day as a Native Woman


Auntie and her wife raise three hellraisers, twins and a boy. They drove across the Arizona border

to exchange vows in California where it was legal at the time. When Grannie died, it was a reminder to prepare for the future. But Auntie couldn’t legally list her wife as a spouse because it was Arizona, back then, before marriage equality. 

In 2015, Auntie’s marriage is recognized by Arizona and forty-nine states, Washington DC, and

US territories except for American Samoa and some reservations, including ours, because tribal sovereignty permits authority for tribes to legally govern themselves. This means Auntie hates her job at the tribal casino and hotel for medical benefits the family requires. Tribal healthcare is free for tribal members and their opposite-sexed spouses and children. 

Someone will write about this. The headline will read: 3 Hellraisers Raise Hell for Good


                   Columbus, your ship may have sailed: Indigenous Peoples Day picks up steam
                Public weighs in on changing holiday to Indigenous Peoples' Day                      

                           Why these major cities celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day                         

                 Should Syracuse school board replace Columbus Day with                                               

                                                                             Indigenous Peoples' Day? You vote                         

                                                The history behind Columbus Day                                                        


                                                                             Indigenous Peoples Day                                          

                                                                             Columbus Day                                                     


                                                                             Indigenous People’s Day;


the controversy    

                                                                            Columbus Day has been controversial since it was established, and its history is even more gruesome than you realize                                        

                                                                     The Columbus Day holiday is under attack, and so are statues honoring the famed explorer 
                                                    In Los Angeles, Columbus Day is toppled like a Confederate statue                                                            Just before Columbus Day, journal pulls controversial article defending colonialism
          The case for colonialism Third World Quarterly Vol. 0 , Iss. 0,0


My other auntie was a rez school teacher and one hell of a Vin Diesel fan.   
And during her teaching tenure, she was raped. 

Mom bawled as she told me this story when I was too young to understand: Auntie confronted her

rapist eye-to-eye, warning him he desecrated Hopi traditions, sacred norms that outlasted colonial darkness. Auntie never reported her rapist to tribal police. Instead, she let the bastard fight tooth and nail against himself, sentencing him to a long life of guilty ownership that ate him alive.

There were no headlines. 


                 Indigenous Peoples’ Day? Italians Say Stick with Columbus
                                                                   CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS STATUE COVERED                                                                                   
                                        American Indians Need Help Not Indigenous People’s Day
                                                                              Today Is Indigenous Peoples’ Day—Here's How   

                                           You Can Celebrate                   Indigenous Statue Vandalised With                                                                                Red Paint On Columbus Day  
                                                                                  Why ‘Indigenous Peoples’ Day’ Is Far                                                                                         
Worse Than Columbus Day
                                                                          Replacing Columbus Day 
                                                                                   with ‘Indigenous People’s Day’?                      

Why Not Just Scream ‘I Wish I Was Never Even Born!’
                                                                                          Columbus Day 
                                                                                           Indigenous Peoples Day, 
                                                                                                               the original odd couple


I toiled over sun-beat rocks and found two circles etched on a boulder. Sweat stung my eyes but

it was clear as day: two sun-shaped petroglyphs drawn exactly how I doodled potato people, like two wide lumps with a few squiggle lines. 

These petroglyphs are common across the Southwest. Villagers gossiped this is where George

Lucas got the idea of a two-sun Tattooine. Others argued it’s a sketch of the supernova explosion of CE 1054. 

Who to believe, I don’t know.


D.A. Navoti's work has appeared in Spartan, The Explicator, NativeOUT,  and elsewhere, with previous scholastic research presented at The Evergreen State College and UCLA’s Thinking Gender Conference. He received emerging writer fellowships from Hugo House & Jack Straw Cultural Center.

He grew up in Phoenix, AZ, and is a member of the Gila River Indian Community, a descendant of Pima, Hopi, Zuni, and Yavapai-Apache tribes.


D.A. lives and writes in Seattle, WA.



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