Blueprint of Bruises

                        June 30th, 2015


won  we won

            the other day

cut the suture seaming yesteryear with this year


lost in loss

on that day

            what do I do with the brace

            you left clamped to my ankle


tomorrow is the first day of yesterday



he never

woke up to mother s burnt coffee


did father call him a loser on the court


skin      lightning          he flashes in the nave


freeze   after the first shot

marbles                        after the second



gauze our forms in papier mache inked with


            stitch a serration between our nipples


blueprint of bruises


what supersedes the motorcade

            moating a cross vane

eight bearers dab faces with palls

                        do you agree with the murder



them to the bullet holes

replant bud      lovevolve above



today   still afraid

please put pressure

on the hole with a wife beater

            Sam     pointing nail

            continues clawing

            out our kneecaps





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