that night i was a boy for you                  everywhere

watch petals become        sky             a shade or two

darker    the dawns are heartbreaking            allowed

a moment            me inside you              sweat beads


forehead      back arch becomes         three point line

bed divided         halftime      fifteen minutes off and

petals drop        its raining threes           quicker than

flat stone leaving finger             water satiates mouth


and more       you cannot quit moving     satin sheets

become warm ups        its time            end of second

quarter     find some water     sit briefly      find hand

under shirt                                         as floor we play


on      become sound       exits your mouth        again

Prelude to a New Girlfriend



Bleeding-heart petals rub stomach           leave scent for her to follow

ruby ring waits     paintbrush sits in palette

sky is uncolored canvas left out

            a painters forgotten masterpiece






Way your hair falls—meteor waterfall

when sky emerges from behind trees

trails of Milky Way become river    leading me


back to where I told you this is emergence

this is where our story began to unfold—

            water map in high desert





like salmon I will always return

to the base of the waterfall

            where we took our first bath

to the lake created by man

            where you told me it looked like a war-zone after the fireworks show

to the ocean

where I threw the basketball because I did not know what I wanted

to water

            where words    even in their sleep     never stop flowing


this is where we shhh them with pursed lips and finger

leave them counting uno, dos, tres


become monarch before she walks away

land on rubber band of her ponytail


a piece of parchment     and a dried up inkwell


Celeste Adame, Muckleshoot, holds a Master of Fine Arts in poetry from Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, NM. Her thesis, Lovers Landscape, explores gender identity, sexuality, love, basketball, landscapes of both Washington and New Mexico.


She has been published in Yellow Medicine Review, As/Us: A Journal for Women of the World, hinchas de poesia, and Santa Fe Literary Review. She was also one of the poetry editors for the first two editions of Mud City, the online literary review of the Institute of American Indian Arts’ Low Residency MFA program. 

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