Rose Quartz

Amber McCrary

This stone inside me dwells like sand
Moving and swishing
Rose like the quartz 
Gifted to me on my birthday
for my heart, 
this stone,
Gifted to loosen
A hand and hindsight

The size of a clenched fist 

Holographic lilac nails dig into my palms
Wiggling for memories to swim away
Two Diné  girls 
Mirrored voices
Laughing at coyote noises
And everything in between
Now all is matte, unreflecting
And I have to ask,
Where is my place?

This quartz, I hold in my hand, sometimes
Its tenderness tingles through
My porcelain paws
Glabrous, knuckles arch
cupping this 
Pink peony piece of planet
With its clouds of
Blushing cracked fibers

My hands mold into the 
tenderness of 
This stone moves in me
Thus, how could I be angry?


Amber McCrary received her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a minor in American Indian Studies from Arizona State University. She will be pursuing her MFA in creative writing with an emphasis in poetry this fall at Mills College. She enjoys many things in life such as tea, traveling, writing, reading, sulking, gardening, eating, smashing the patriarchy and learning about cultures and her own (Navajo/Diné). She currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona.  



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