Cloudthroat is an online journal that aims to publish the vast spectrum of Native, First Nations, and Indigenous venture, creativity, and revolt. Our goal is to act as a platform for literary and artistic innovation through writing and art and publish the diverse voices of Native, First Nations, and Indigenous communities. 


Cloudthroat is derived from the Diné word K’os, which can be translated to both cloud and throat. This online publication was founded to publish new and emerging poetry from queer Indigenous poets and queer poets of color. We have since expanded to include work from all Native, First Nations, and Indigenous writers and artists. We continue to encourage queer identities to submit their work and strive to highlight queer thought and discussion through our curated folio series.

We are interested in works that interrupt and conquer structures that long silenced marginalized communities. It is an undertaking at taking back the cosmos in our voices and the science of our expression. Cloudthroat aims to replace teeth and throat with cloud and sky. 



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